La Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation associated with Intensive Speech-Language Pathologie with Restriction of Non-Verbal Communication Strategiesenables a reorganisation of brain activity to be induced, and improves the capacity for expression in people with Chronic Motor Aphasia

afasia introduccion

Motor aphasia is a verbal expression disorder in people, normally as a result of an injury to the anterior region of the brain, in the left hemisphere.

Sometimes, after the injury, changes in the organisation of brain activity between neurons in the affected area and the remaining area enable language capacity to be recovered.

Speech-language pathology helps to achieve these changes.

In other cases, however, the reorganisation is inadequate, and the expression problem remains and becomes chronic.

In collaboration with the Berenson-Allen Center at Harvard University, our team has shown that it is possible to induce a reorganisation in nervous system activity, and improve the capacity for expression.