Educational programme: intervention in the family and school

Neuropsychological rehabilitation is not only limited to intervention in the child, but also for their family and school.

Family plays an important role for the following reasons:
  • They know the child best and can provide the best information about their lifestyle, interests, personality, etc.
  • The family can help us to promote changes and modify habits in the child’s daily life.
  • The family’s active participation is essential to reduce the psychosocial consequences of

neuropsicologia-pediatrica-a-programa-educativoOne very important aspect in paediatric neuropsychological rehabilitation is intervention through educational programmes for the family and school, as it helps them to understand the problems these children present.

It is very important to provide information and written guidelines to parents and teachers, as it will help them to understand cognitive and behavioural disorders and thus be able to perform a proper intervention.

Learning new things may be complicated after brain damage. The objective of interventions in educational programmes is to accelerate these processes, so these children can progress more quickly.