“Guttmann, Paediatric NeuroPersonalTrainer®” Cognitive Rehabilitation


neuro-personal-trainer‘Guttmann, NeuroPersonalTraineris backed by a high level of evidence, and supported by more than eight years of clinical experience in patients with acquired brain damage.

‘Guttmann, NeuroPersonalTrainer-Infantil’ is a programme specifically designed by a team of paediatric neuropsychologists from our centre for the paediatric population. The programme stimuli were designed by the Estudio Mariscal.

The tasks included in the programme are specifically focussed on three areas of cognitive functioning: attention, memory and executive functions.

The referring neuropsychologist will plan the child’s programme individually, according to their impairment profile and age. Two weekly sessions will be held; the length of the sessions will be suited to their age (maximum 45 minutes). The neuropsychologist will monitor their performance with the exercises each week to adjust the treatment planning.

neuropsicologia pediatrica personal trainer