Information and communication technologies applied to neurorehabilitation

“Guttmann, NeuroPersonalTrainer®” is an innovative computerized cognitive telerehabilitation platform that allows the establishment of a new method for provision of neuropsychological rehabilitation services in patients with acquired brain injury.

The platform allows:

Optimizes the time of dedication of health professionals through an asynchronous connection model.
Increases the personalization and intensity of treatments.
Automates user monitoring according to the criteria established by professionals.
Provides real-time information on the results and guidance about the most appropriate therapeutic options, according to the characteristics and progress of each patient.
Generates knowledge for the establishment of clinical practice guidelines, through a patent protected algorithm.
Makes clinical research easier.

This is the result of a process of translational research and transfer of technology based on the needs of users (therapists, patients and organizations which provide services) in the field of ICT, and a clear example of valorization of knowledge. Since its implementation, it has served to offer a customized cognitive rehabilitation treatment, intensive, and monitored to more than 1.000 patients, consisting of approximately 39.700 sessions and 250.000 executed tasks.

Today, “Guttmann, NeuroPersonalTrainer®” is a new model of provision of cognitive rehabilitation services based in ICT, with a 21 connected centers network sharing resources, experiences and generating knowledge in service of patients with cognitive impairment following acquired brain injury processes (head injury and stroke), cognitive impairment associated with aging and dementia, schizophrenia newly diagnosed, intellectual disability and children with disorders of cognitive development.