Results analysis applied to knowledge-generation

The objectives of this program are:

  • Identify indicators of autonomy, quality of life and personal satisfaction for the study objectively the impact of rehabilitation from information derived from care processes.

  • Establish tools concerning the International Classification of Functioning (ICF), Disability and Health of WHO to promote the development of population studies.

  • Start a longitudinal multicenter effectiveness and efficiency of health measures and social policies on the activities of daily living, considering functionality, quality of life, social inclusion and personal satisfaction monitoring and observation program.


2.6-AnalisisResult-01The " QvidLab, Enhancer Laboratory Measures Quality of Life and Empowerment of People with Disabilities neurological origin ", created in 2006, applied information technology, advanced statistical and artificial intelligence, to drive the generation of knowledge about disability, from data derived from the clinical activity:

  1. Data Mining
  2. KDD
  3. Survival Analysis
  4. Qualitative Research







  • Círculos de salud

  • CareCloud, “Plataforma de soporte y asistencia a cuidadores informales de personas en situación de dependencia por una discapacidad de origen neurológica” - Subprograma INNPACTO, 2012 - SIPT1200C000599XV0